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Karen Nama System Company was established in 2007 with the aim of new activities in the field of building facades, and with the help of God and the technical knowledge and communication of our business colleagues in the international arena, we have the honor of supplying domestically produced products under the Iran Kiel brand to Austria. , Qatar and Azerbaijan and we hope to expand this presence in other countries.

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Karen Nama System is a specialized reference system for designing, consulting, implementing and selling all types of dry facades in Iran.
It offers different groups of dry facades including visible and hidden systems.
Having a major share of the supply and demand market in Iran, Karen company does its best to accompany customers with a very high variety.
Customers of Karen Nama System Company can have a very high right to choose among all dry facades with our advice.
which is always the best service for Karnema system customers.

عکس درباره ما
عکس درباره ما
عکس درباره ما
عکس درباره ما

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We are proud to be with respected employers and builders in the process of carrying out projects. In the following, you can see a number of completed or ongoing projects.

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